10 Tips for Good Customer Service

Customer service guru, Shep Hyken, said it best, “An amazing customer experience comes down to this - Sell a product or service that works and be nice to the customer about it. It’s as simple as that.”

Easy enough to say, but a bit more challenging to put into practice. That’s why SuperOffice have put together 10 tips to help you deliver good customer service.Below are the headings, if you want to read the full article, visit our website here.

1. Provide multiple ways for your customers to get in touch with you

2. Acknowledge that you’ve received their request

3. Solve customer problems immediately

4. Don’t be afraid to over-communicate with customers

5. Go above and beyond customer expectations

6. Give them new ideas and inspiration to improve their business

7. Find every opportunity possible to thank your customers for their business

8. The customer is always right

9. Make sure you deliver on your promises

10. Understand your customers and their needs


Good customer service means being better than average.

If your customer service is on par with your competitors, your business is nothing special. In order to stand out from the others, you have to provide “good customer service” more than just one time. It needs to be all of the time, day in and day out.

If you would like to deliver good customer service, then then sign up to a free trial of SuperOffice Service.

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